Teen Stabbed For Sneakers Creates Charity to Provide Shoes to Those in Need

Kyler Nipper is one of the most incredible teens you'll ever come across. He took his pain, and it used it as an opportunity to help others.

Nipper was just 11-years-old when he was stabbed at his Las Vegas middle school by someone who wanted his sneakers. He was critically injured, but managed to survive the attack. In the aftermath of the incident, Kyler wrestled with PTSD. He realized that one thing would help him feel better: giving to people in need. He started the charity Kyler's Kicks, which collects and donates footwear. Kyler recently gave away his 25,000th pair of shoes. Kyler's Kicks doesn't just provide people with shoes, but the charity also boosts spirits. "We're spreading positivity and kindness along the way," he said.



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