Here's How Repair Companies Can Try to Rip You Off

When it comes to home repairs, it can be invaluable to get multiple opinions before trusting your home to someone... And before handing over any cash!

When something breaks in your house, you rely on the repairman who comes to fix it. But how do you know if they're charging hundreds, even thousands for repairs you don't need? The only way to really know is to have a few people come out to diagnose the issue before deciding on a company to use. Is it a pain to schedule multiple calls? Sure. But it's better than paying for repairs you don't need!

Inside Edition rented this beautiful house in Montclair, New Jersey, for an entire month, tricking it out with cameras and then calling the fix-it guys to see what happened. In the first in a special series of investigations, they enlisted two experts, Mark McManus with Door Boy and Andrew Cimmino with Christie Overhead Door, to assess the garage door. Both assured it was in perfect working order. Then, they created a minor problem the experts say any repairman should be able to instantly recognize and fix. Watch what happened:



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