This Woman Accidentally Swallowed Her Engagement Ring in Her Sleep

This story it just.... well.... I'll let you decide what you think!

This bride-to-be lost her engagement ring in by far the craziest way you can imagine. Jenna Evans says she was sleeping and having an extremely vivid dream. In her dream, she and her soon-to-be husband were running from villains. She says in the dream her fiancé told her to swallow the ring to keep it safe. When Evans woke up in the morning, her 2.4-carat ring was missing from her hand... She knew immediately where it was.

After doctors confirmed it was, indeed, in her stomach, she felt relief that it was discovered. However she got a little nervous when doctors told her they would have to remove it via endoscopy. Fortunately the procedure was a success and the ring is back safely on her hand... At least until her next nightmare!



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