Flight Attendant Spills Dirty Secrets (and Why You Shouldn't Order Coffee!)

We all know airplanes aren't the cleanest places in the world. How could they be? With 100+ people on each flight, coughing and sneezing the whole time, they're bound to be full of germs!

But this flight attendant is spilling the dirtiest secrets of her airline... And these tips will gross you out!

Flight attendant Jamila Hardwick, with Air Hollywood, spilled the beans in a recent interview with Inside Edition. She says her colleagues never order warm beverages when they fly. “The thing about the coffee and tea, the pipes are rarely cleaned,” she said. She also has advice on a soda: Diet Coke takes longer to pour because it fizzes up more than any other soda on a flight.

She also gave tips on luggage, blankets and pillows, and more:



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