Is This the Lamest School Lunch Ever?

Let's be honest... school lunches are usually pretty lame. I remember frozen square pizzas, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and the occasional burger that tasted like cardboard! They're certainly not even in the ballpark of restaurant food, or anything adults chose to eat. But students at a Minnesota high school were shocked one day this year to find their school lunch. It was truly the lamest school lunch ever!

Students at the high school snapped photos of the lunch: a handful of baby carrots, a little cup of marinara sauce, and a hot dog bun covered in melted shredded cheese. Um... What?! Photos of the lunch have gone viral, and the school issued an apology saying they were "trying out a new recipe."

I would love to know what exactly they were trying to make... Grilled cheese without the grilling? Cheese dogs without the dogs? No clue!



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