50,000 Apples Stolen from Orchard in Northwest Indiana

It's apple picking season here in the Midwest! Every weekend, thousands of people in our region travel all over to pick fresh, ripe apples from dozens of orchards and farms. It's a fun and festive way to welcome fall!

But for one orchard in northwest Indiana, this season hasn't been all fun...

The owners of the Williams Orchard in LaPorte County were absolutely shocked this week to discover that about 5% of their trees were completely picked clean. Over 50,000 apples were stolen from the farm! Those 50,000 would have brought in around $30,000 in profits for the farm. The owner, Jon Drummond, believes the thieves laid tarps on the ground and shook the trees until they were clean.

I can't imagine what the thieves plan to do with that many apples... But if you see a truck driving around with 50,000 apples make sure you call the cops!



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