Was This the Most Expensive Hangover Ever?

For most people, a hangover is an inconvenience. You chug some Gatorade, eat a greasy breakfast, pop a couple of Advil and you're feeling better in a few hours.

But for this groom to be, his hangover was so bad he needed medical attention... And things only got worse a few weeks later when he got the hospital bill!

Cameron Fisher, 30, went out drinking with his buddies two days before tying the knot. The next day, he was in a bad way, throwing up and unable to keep anything down. So his fiancee took him to the emergency room. They missed the rehearsal dinner while doctors administered a saline solution via an IV to help combat Fisher's dehydration, as well as gave him some anti-nausea medication. The hangover cure came out to a whopping $12,460!



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