Illinois Teen Wakes Up Thinking Every Day is June 11th

When I saw the movie "50 First Dates" starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, I didn't really think this specific type of amnesia was possible... But it turns out, it's a heartbreaking nightmare for some people, including this Illinois teenager.

When this 16-year-old wakes up every day she believes it's June 11, 2019. For Riley Horner, every day of the year is the same day. June 11 was a special day for Riley. She was attending a dance in her Illinois hometown, but the fun turned to fear when a boy fell on her. She ended up hitting her head and being rushed to the hospital.

She says now she is living her life in a fog, as a completely different person. "Everything is black and confusing," she told reporters in a recent interview. Every two hours her memory is completely wiped clean. She was once a straight A student with dreams of being a doctor. Now she can't retain any new information in the classroom.

She's working with a specialized team of doctors and therapists to try to help get her brain back on track.



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