Man Suffered Fatal Heart Attack in Amtrak Train With No Emergency Intercom

Amtrak is under fire after a Chicago man suffered a fatal heart attack in an Amtrak train car that was not equipped with an emergency intercom system.

William Borudony suffered a heart attack on board an Amtrak train, and his wife and fellow passengers had trouble calling for help. The train was still at Union Station, but the doors to leave the car and get back to the platform or to another car were all locked. Passengers tried to open an emergency window but couldn't get it open. The passengers were trapped in the car, as Borundony suffered and died. It took nearly 20 minutes for the passengers to get help: when the train eventually began to leave the station, they pulled the emergency break which alerted the conductor.

My heart breaks for this family... I hope Amtrak takes a hard look at their trains and fixes this situation for future emergencies!



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