Doorbell Camera Records Horrifying Attack and Kidnapping

A California man has been arrested after video surfaced of him allegedly kidnapping his estranged girlfriend and dragging her down the street by her hair. The footage, which was recorded on a neighbor’s Ring doorbell camera, was taken just before midnight Monday in the town of Arcadia. In the video, the frantic woman pounds on the neighbor’s door begging for help when a man appears and drags her by the hair. The woman screams for her life as she is taken away.

The homeowners say they witnessed the attack, and gave the footage to police the next day. Fortunately police were able to use the footage to track down this monster... But what in the world?! Why didn't they try to stop him right then and there? I don't like to pass judgement but when there's a woman on your front porch screaming for her life in the middle of the night, you DO SOMETHING right then and there! What is this world coming to that people heard her screams and witnessed the assault, but waited until the morning to call the police...?



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