Woman Who Lost Arms in Airplane Accident Is Training for a Triathlon

After a horrible accident and a life-changing injury, it would have been easy for Shanna Buono to just give up.

Tragedy struck last January, when Buono's boyfriend, Clark, was show his plane to a friend. He's a pilot, and the two friends were in the cockpit while Buono was on the tarmac. Buono approached the aircraft while the propellor was running. “I thought it would make a good picture,” she said. But it was dark, and Buono got too close. Before she knew what had happened, she was struck by the plane. She lost one arm completely, and about half of the other.

But she's not letting the tragic accident slow her down. Using homemade prosthetics, she's learned to feed herself, do her makeup, and other important tasks to stay independent. She's even training for a triathlon!



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