Expect Tightened Security at Movie Theaters for 'Joker' Release

The film “Joker" opens Friday, but not without some concern. Authorities say there are threats and warnings surrounding the film. Chicago police are taking the situation very seriously, and they're taking action.

In the movie, Joaquin Phoenix plays a downtrodden loner who adopts the Joker persona to inflict extreme violence. The film has sparked concern that it could inspire those who feel like "outcasts" from society to resort to violence as well. Critics say the movie glorifies a mass murderer.

If you head to the movies this weekend, be vigilant! When entering a movie theater, make note immediately of nearby exists. If you see anything strange, or something that makes you uncomfortable, alert authorities immediately.

Experts predict the film will have a massive opening weekend, potentially setting October box office records.


And this isn't just a local phenomenon. Movie theaters all around the country are tightening up security for the 'Joker' release as well:



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