Daughter Arrested After Police Claim She Made a False 911 Call

This story is so bizarre!

When her mother collapsed at a concert, this woman immediately called 911. She feared her mom was having a heart attack.

Adrienne Fragatos was attending an Imagine Dragons show with mother, Karen. The pair stood for three hours listening to the pop rock band. When it came time to leave, Karen became ill. "As we started to walk, my mom collapsed. Her legs gave out. I was petrified," Adrienne said.

After a frustrating call with 911 where Adrienne was flustered and unable to give the operator clear directions on her location, police and paramedics finally arrived. Adrienne and Karen were relieved when it was determined that Karen was suffering from dehydration. But their relief was short-lived. Police who responded to the call placed Adrienne under arrest, claiming she made a false 911 call.

Adrienne spent $5,000 on legal fees before the charges were eventually dropped.



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