Diet Tips to Help Keep Your Family Flu-Free This Winter

The BEST way to stay flu-free is to get the flu shot. But the shot only protects you against certain strains of the flu, so it's still possible to get sick.

The good news is that with careful hygiene and the right diet, you and your family have a great shot at staying healthy all winter. Nutritionist Joy Bauer has some great tips for getting the proper nutrients you need to keep your immune system in fighting shape!

When it comes to vitamin C, many people think of oranges. However, strawberries and kale are also bursting with the vitamin and can be a good addition to health-boosting meals. For tasty treats, kids can enjoy these recipes from Bauer. For a yummy smoothie, combine one banana with some strawberries, kale, blueberries and milk. Blend it up and serve. Broccoli is another good cold-buster that can be put in guacamole.



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