Formerly Homeless Doctor in the Midwest Hands Out $100 Bills to Strangers

Dr. MooMoo dons a mask for a good cause. If you stop him on the streets of Kansas City, Missouri, you might be in for a treat. See, Dr. MooMoo is an angel in disguise, handing out $100 bills and food to strangers who look like they might need it. So who is Dr. MooMoo?

Well, he's actually David McGee. He's a chiropractor who began helping others back in 80's. Over the years he's handed out nearly $200,000, in crisp $100 bills, to complete strangers. McGee hasn't always been in a position to help others, and that's why he's so passionate about doing it now. McGee grew up in poverty, and experienced homelessness. In an interview with the Kansas City Star, he explained, "I'm not doing this because I want a pat on the back. I'm doing this because I want to help. I know sorrow because of my life and, I guess, I don't want other people to experience that."



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