Update on the Indiana "Portal to Hell" House

In 2014, Inside Edition visited a house in Indiana that was known as “the Portal to Hell.” There were so many reports of unexplained and eerie occurrences in the house that is began to make headlines. Local police even investigated the unexplained events that were terrorizes the homeowners, and they could not come up with a logical explanation for the horrifying things they experienced during their investigation! Eventually the Gary, Indiana Hospital called a local Catholic priest and asked him to perform an exorcism on the family living in the house, and then on the house itself.

The home was purchased by famed paranormal investigator Zak Bagans, who ended up demolishing the house. There's now just a vacant lot.

Now, five years later, InsideEdition.com caught up with that priest, the Rev. Mike Maginot, to hear more about his encounter with the supernatural.



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