Orland Park Puppy Died of Parvo, Despite Getting the Vaccine

After the sudden death of their beloved puppy, Gunner, the McKeown family doesn't want other dog owners to go through what they did, and are urging them to check out a veterinary procedure that might have saved their puppy’s life.

Parvo is an infection that attacks a dog's intestines. Dogs are vaccinated against the deadly disease, with three rounds of shots. However, despite being vaccinated against the disease, Gunner died of a parvo infection anyway. The McKeown family is now urging dog owners, particularly those who have Bernese Mountain dogs, to order a titer test. A titer test will help determine if your dogs vaccines are working, but testing their immunity.

It could have saved Gunner's life. Now they're spreading the word to honor their dog, and help save another.



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