"The Couple" Strikes Again, Robbing Residents in Bucktown

"The Couple"

It sounds like the title of a horror movie, right? Well, for residents in Bucktown it's very real. A man and a woman are well-known in the neighborhood for their brazen robberies. They've been caught on camera stealing from the front yards and porches, snagging everything from decorations to baby strollers, and even vegetables right out of gardens!

Police know exactly who "The Couple" is, and there are dozens of documented incidents of them robbing people, with pictures and videos to prove it. They were arrested twice in 2018 for theft and criminal trespassing. They were jailed for one day each time, then released. After getting released, they head right back to Bucktown and back to their old ways. Residents are frustrated that more action hasn't been taken to stop them.



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