This Mother's Pregnancy Turned Into a Rare, Aggressive Cancer

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. It's a topic that's gut-wrenching, and people tend to want to avoid talking about it. But since 1 in 4 women will experience miscarriage, it's important to open up the dialogue and let those mothers know that they're not alone. It's a good time to honor mothers and fathers who have lost a child, and show them support.

That's why Michelle Velez is sharing her story. It all started in August when Velez and her husband learned that she was pregnant with their third child. They were overjoyed! But their joy quickly turned to heartbreak, when their first ultrasound revealed it was a molar pregnancy. After that, things took a horrible turn for the worst when they learned it was cancerous and spread to the rest of Velez's body.  She is now undergoing chemotherapy and hopes her story will inspire other women to open up about miscarriage and pregnancy loss.



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