Tips to Avoid Hitting a Deer While Driving

Did you know there are around 1.5 million deer-vehicle collisions every year in the United States? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), those accidents cause about 150 deaths and $1.1 billion in property damage annually.

A recent crash in Pennsylvania is a stark reminder of the danger deer pose to commuters. Horrific photos showing the aftermath of a deer crashing through the windshield of a woman's car have gone viral. Nickole Murgi-Smith was driving with her 3-year-old daughter on the Pennsylvania Turnpike when a deer flew through the front of her car. Photos showed the smashed glass covered in blood and the deer's body lying in the front passenger seat. "I believe I had quite a few guardian angels that day," she said in an interview.

So what can you do to avoid an accident with a deer?

  1. Slow down!
  2. Keep your high beams on if you're in an area known to have deer.
  3. If you see one, be on high alert for more.



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