Couple Adopting Baby Discovers Birth Mom Faked the Entire Pregnancy

This story has left me speechless. I can't imagine how sick and cruel you have to be to pull off a scam like this... This woman is truly heinous.

A California family was left shocked and heartbroken after believing for months they were going to adopt a baby girl from a pregnant woman, only to learn the woman was never pregnant in the first place. Laura and Matt Trayte wanted to adopt a sibling for their son. Elizabeth Jones learned of their hopes and dreams to adopt through Facebook and contacted the couple. She said she was three months pregnant, and wanted the couple to adopt her daughter. Throughout her "pregnancy" she formed a bond with the Trayte family, even posing for a maternity photoshoot with them.

Six months later, the Traytes traveled from their California home to Tennessee to be there for their soon-to-be daughter's birth, which never happened:



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