Check Out The Most Expensive Chocolate in the World

I gotta be honest, I think this is HILARIOUS! Researchers found that 86% of parents eat their kids' Halloween candy! And not just one to two pieces here and there: the researchers found that parents eat a quarter of the candy their kids collect! It seems to me that it's a time-honored tradition for parents to help themselves to their kids' candy. After all, you paid for the costumes, took the kids all over the place to celebrate with parades, parties, and Trunk or Treats. You escorted the kids through the freezing cold and snow so they could trick or treat, so you definitely deserve a slice of the pie!

But while you're sneaking Kit Kats and Snickers, feast your eyes on THIS! The GOOD stuff! A set of limited edition truffle chocolates recently found their way to the Guinness Book of World Records. “Trinity - Truffles Extraordinaire” were recently launched in India. Their price? Almost $3,000 a pound.



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