Update in the Ukrainian Adoptee Story

This recent story has made headlines all around the country. Michael and Kristine Barnett allege that the child they adopted from the Ukraine was actually a violent adult posing as a child. The crazy story is strikingly similar to the 2009 horror movie, "Orphan." The Barnetts have been charged with child abandonment after they left their adopted daughter, Natalia, alone in an apartment in Indiana when they moved away.

Now another couple is speaking out, saying they have proof of Natalia's true age. Vincent and Nicole DePaul, have a form of dwarfism similar to Natalia’s, and say they wanted to adopt the orphan in 2009, before she was taken the live with the Barnett family. They say Natalia's birthday is September 4, 2003, meaning she's just 16-years-old.



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