Country Singer is Speaking Out After Scammers Target Her Fans

This is NOT the first time country music fans have been targeted by vicious scam artists who con listeners out of hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars.

Award-winning bluegrass singer Rhonda Vincent says she was devastated to learn that scam artists are targeting her fans. Vincent says con artists have convinced some of her fans to send money based on claims Vincent is in bad financial straits and needs cash, she said. One fan was convinced he and Vincent were in a relationship. These terrible con artists convinced this man to leave his wife and send them nearly $500,000, she said. Another scammer asked super fans to prove their loyalty by sending money to pay Vincent's band, she said.

For the record, country artists will NEVER, EVER ask fans to send them money! It's a huge red flag! If you suspect you or someone you know has been targeted by a scam, please contact your local authorities as well as any social media sites that scam artists used to contact you.



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