Woman's 4 Calls to 911 Were Ignored While an Attacker Stabbed Her Sister

For many people, this situation is their worst fear.

Sisters Breann and Kayli Lasley were dead asleep when an intruder climbed through Breann's bedroom window in Salt Lake City in the middle of the night on Sept. 23, 2015. The intruder swiftly began a vicious attack on the girls, stabbing Kayli repeatedly. In the chaos, Breann managed to get her phone and call 911. When the operator asked for the address of the emergency, she screamed their address over and over again, desperately begging for help. But after four separate calls to 911, still no help arrived.

Breann and her sister are now suing the dispatch company. They were lucky that night-- a police officer happened to be driving through the neighborhood and heard their shouts and screams for help. He shot the intruder and saved their lives. But the sisters are on a mission to make sure this horrible situation never happens again.



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