Chicagoland Pediatrician Leaves Disturbing Suicide Note About Patients

A Chicago doctor took his own life, and left behind a troubling suicide note that has officials seeking out the families of his patients and former patients. Pediatrician Dr. Van Koinis treated children on the southwest side and surrounding suburbs for decades. In his suicide note left, the doctor indicated that for a ten year period he did not properly vaccinate his patients. Authorities are now investigating how many people were not vaccinated properly under Dr. Koinis' care.

Parents of his patients are left with a million questions. Authorities say Koinis gave fake vaccinations and doctored records to cover the crime. Officials have begun reaching out to families to let them know if their child is missing or behind on vaccinations. If parents have any concerns, they can ask their pediatrician to perform a titer test, which will check to see which viruses and bacteria their child has been immunized against.



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