Here's the Safe Way to Still Enjoy Takeout During the Lockdown

If you're sick of cooking, running low on groceries, or just really craving your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant, you're in luck! Experts say it's safe to order takeout food from a restaurant, despite the growing number of coronavirus cases across the country. And the restaurants need our patronage more than ever, so it's really a win-win!

Premier Food Safety expert Donny Yoo says ordering in is a safe option, but there are a few safety tips to employ before you dig right in! Let your delivery driver know he or she should leave the food on your porch, to protect both of you from social exposure. It's important not to have contact. Then take your food directly to the kitchen and immediately WASH YOUR HANDS! Next, wipe the containers down and take the food out of the containers. Put the food on your plates, and toss the containers in the trash. Wash your hands again before eating.

If all this makes you a little nervous, you should consider getting a gift card to your favorite local restaurant. Have a nice night out when all this is over. Your future self AND the restaurant will thank you!

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