An Astronaut Shared Some Tips for Living in Isolation

With millions of Americans under stay-at-home orders, we're all getting a taste of what life is like in isolation. Even under the best circumstances, it can be lonely and difficult.

Astronaut Scott Kelly knows a thing or two about keeping busy on his own after spending nearly a year aboard the International Space Station. As people across America and around the world are urged to self-isolate and practice social distancing to slow the coronavirus pandemic, many are becoming restless. Kelly is sharing his best tips on how to cope with being stuck at home. His number one piece of advice: “Keep a schedule.” His other top tips include:

  • Get up at a regular time, go to sleep at a regular time
  • Schedule time for daily tasks like work, family time, cleaning, and chores
  • Step outside and enjoy the fresh air, even just a talk to the end of your driveway
  • Start a hobby: reading, writing, playing music,
  • Keep a journal to express how you're feeling and get your thoughts out
  • Reach out to old friends and family you haven't spoken to in some time
  • Listen to the experts
  • Stay positive, rise to the occasion!

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