Childcare Concerns As the State Moves Into Phase 3 of Reopening

Most people across the state of Illinois are thrilled that we're moving into phase 3 of reopening on May 29. But as the state gets closer to that date, there's a huge concern that no one knows how to address. With businesses reopening, parents will be expected to head back to work. But schools, daycares, and camps are closed. So... Who will watch the kids?!

Childcare centers across the state say they're in limbo. The rules to reopen are vague at best, and they don't know who qualifies to reopen.

There are 2,500 daycares in the state who have stayed open throughout the pandemic, operating under an emergency license. They had to adhere to strict rules under phases one and two, including temperature checks and fewer children in each space. Though they say "social distancing" is impossible for toddlers to understand, and masks are difficult for them to wear as well.

Daycares who have been closed aren't sure how to prepare to reopen, and say they're not getting enough guidance from state agencies.

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