Brides Fight to Cancel Weddings at Suburban Farm Wedding Venue

Thousands and thousands of brides and grooms around the country have experienced the major headache of cancelling their weddings. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, large group gatherings have been banned in most states. For one bride Chicagoland bride, the cancellation headache was made even worse...

Lauren Herba was trying to cancel her wedding at Ashley Farm in Yorkville. She knew there was about $9,000 in nonrefundable deposits that she wouldn't get back, but since state mandate violated gatherings of more than 10 people, she and her fiancé decided to go ahead and cancel their big day. However, when they tried to cancel they got pushback from wedding coordinators at the venue, who claimed they had received special approval from local officials to override the state mandate.

After brides investigated the claims, it turns out they had no such approval to ignore state guidelines.

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