Carrie Underwood Surprises Young Fan With $5,000 Donation

Carrie Underwood Surprises Young Fan With $5,000 Donation

During a recent appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, Carrie Underwood teamed up with host Drew Barrymore to surprise one young fan with a $10,000 donation to her local hospital.

Hayley Orlinsky, a 7-year-old from Chicago, decided to start selling homemade bracelets to raise money for the hospital after hearing that frontline workers were running out of essential equipment amid the pandemic. Initially, Hayley had a goal of $200 but has now raised over $27,000.

"I wish so much that I could be looking at you face-to-face, in-person right now," Underwood told the young girl. "You're adorable! You're a perfect example- it doesn't matter how old you are, where you are, whatever it is that you're into. You took your love of making bracelets and you used it to make the world a better place, so yay Hayley!"

Hayley's mom Lori, told Underwood that her daughter was crying, to which the singer replied, "I'm gonna cry!"

Barrymore shared that she would be contributing $5,000, which Underwood matched with a donation from her new partner Bodyarmor Lyte.

"That's gonna help the hospital and that's gonna help with vaccinations, and we are so thankful," Lori said, as her daughter exclaimed, "Wow!" Previously, Lori told Barrymore that she couldn't put into words "how proud we are" of her daughter. "Initially, I thought this would keep her busy for two hours and then I thought it would keep her busy for a few days, and we are going on 10 months of uninterrupted time."

Hayley first got the idea to star the project when she heard a news report about healthcare workers running out of PPE. "I really wanted to help but I didn't know how," Hayley told Barrymore, adding, "So I ran up to my room and made these friendship bracelets and I told my mom, 'I want to sell them and raise money for one of the hospitals.'"

Since then, the 7-year-old has sold over 10,000 bracelets. All of the money she's raised has gone to the hospital where she spent time in the NICU as an infant. Lori explained that her daughter was bullied when she was 3-years-old for being the "shortest kid in class," and because of that, Hayley is "empathetic."

"She's been there and she feels all the feels," Lori shared, adding, "This is the ultimate act of kindness."

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