Jana Kramer 'Bothered' By Ex Johnathon Schaech Sharing 2010 Wedding Photo

Jana Kramer would have preferred to keep the past behind her.

On a recent episode of her and husband Mike Caussin's Whine Down podcast, the country singer, 37, shared her reaction to ex Johnathon Schaech posting a photo from their 2010 wedding on Twitter. "So my ex-husband — because I guess he technically was a husband — so he tweeted out a picture of our wedding day and said, 'I had to explain this photo to my son to tell him that I've been married three times and that his mother was the one I should have ended up with'," the singer told listeners.

Kramer went on to admit that she's friends with the actor, as well as his wife Julie Soloman, but the move "rubbed [her] wrong," particularly because he tagged her in the post. "Why are you posting a photo of our wedding day? That's from the past. I didn't want to see that photo on Twitter. Now you're tagging me in it," she said, adding. "It bothered me."

She ended up texting Schaech because the actor went on to speak about their wedding day in the replies and didn't have pleasant things to share. "I ended up texting John because he started to continue commenting about how it was a horrible day and nothing was real about it," she continued. "And I'm like, can you be nice and not say mean things about me on Twitter?"

If you were following Schaech, you probably noticed that one user hoped that he had “nice memories” from the big day, to which he replied. “Nope.” ”Part of me wants to text him and be like, 'Can you take that down?'" Kramer said of the post, which is still on the actor's feed.

On Schaech’s end, he explained why he tagged Kramer in one of his responses, writing, "I tagged her so she would have a choice on how she wanted to respond. Choice theory. It's a universal system for empowering individuals and improving relationships. I was sharing with her my son's response to seeing that photo."

The star previously opened up about the pair's short marriage from 2010-2011 in an AMA chat on Reddit. "Jana and I had a wedding but we were never married. It simply came down to this: She wasn't ready to be married," he wrote in response to a fan question. "She wanted a singing career and that was what she was focused on."

Photo: Getty Images

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