Keith Urban Details The Hilarious Way He Bought John Mayer's Amp

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This story is one of the books.

During his appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Monday (December 6), Keith Urban revealed the hilarious way he once had to pay his good friend John Mayer. After buying an amp from Mayer, Urban was left to figure out a way to get a large sum of money sent to him. He ultimately decided to send somebody to Mayer's meet-and-greet with a suitcase handcuffed to their wrist.

While chatting with Clarkson, Urban described the amplifier as "really expensive." After writing out the check, he put it in "a crazy briefcase with the wrist chain" and decided to pay somebody to "stand in line at his meet and greet with this thing, wait 'til they get up there and present him with this and then walked off."

"That would never happen now," Urban added with laugh, saying his security team would've "decked this buy before he got near John." You can watch Urban tell the story around the seven-minute mark in his interview below.

Mayer once told this story to Rolling Stone, as well, when the outlet was profiling Urban earlier this year. Mayer described the amp as "highly collectible, highly expensive." When he received the suitcase at his meet and greet, he said he “thought it was a great way of leaning into the insanity of it all...I still have the case. It’s a great keepsake.”

Mayer then went on to gush about Urban's skill as a guitar player. “It’s hard to make people who don’t play guitar care about guitar solos, but Keith is one of those rare few who knows how to make the guitar speak inside of their songs," Mayer said of his friend. "His phrasing is really special. Part of appearing effortless is that people don’t notice the effort, but he’s doing some really beautiful and fluid stuff that’s way harder to pull off than you might think.”

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