Kelsea Ballerini's 'Cozy' Morning Routine Includes Dancing In Her Underwear

Photo: Getty Images

Not every morning routine is about productivity. Sometimes it's about being as cozy as possible. Turns out, Kelsea Ballerini prefers the cozy kind of morning routine.

On Monday (December 6), the country music superstar took to Instagram to show off the laid-back way she likes to start her day. Like so many of us, Ballerini admits it's not always easy hopping right out of bed and getting your day started. Sometimes you need to keep your pajamas on, snuggle with your pets, and then get back into bed after brushing your teeth.

"Monday mornings, am I right?" Ballerini captioned her video. "As always, [Aerie] is keeping me cozy whether I get out of bed or not."

Earlier this year, Ballerini announced she was teaming up with Aerie for their AerieREAL campaign. The 'Half of My Hometown' singer opened up about the partnership on Instagram alongside a photo of herself with "zero retouching."

"Honestly, if ya would’ve told me a few years ago I’d be in a campaign in my undies with zero retouching...," Ballerini began, adding some hilarious emojis to make her point. "But I’m proud of the personal growth I’ve had recalibrating my relationship with my body and what feels healthy, strong, and sustainable for myself and lifestyle. vulnerable? Yes, but happy."

For those who may not be familiar with AerieREAL, the campaign promotes models that have not been altered by airbrush or photoshop techniques. Instead, models of all shapes and sizes are recruited for the campaigns and remain completely untouched in the photoshoots.

Ballerini isn't the first famous face to join forces with Aerie, either. The clothing brand has previously recruited Yara Shahidi, Ali Raisman, Rachel Platten, Iskra Lawrence, and more for their campaigns.

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