Have You Tried The Best Ramen In Chicago?

A young woman is eating a bowl of ramen on a wooden table

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If you are in search of your next go-to ramen spot, look no further than this popular downtown location. Serving up flavor in the shape of broth and small spiral noodles, this restaurant goes above and beyond to provide a plethora of options for hungry customers.

According to a list compiled by Lovefood, the best ramen in all of Chicago can be found at the Original Tonkotsu, Ramen Wasabi located off of Milwaukee Avenue. The location has been open for over 10 years, and has become a local staple for a quick bite! This one-stop-ramen-shop is unique for their variety of broth and flavorful additions. In fact, Lovefood mentioned that they boil the pork bones days in advance to increase the flavor of the ramen.

Here is what Lovefood had to say about the best ramen in all of Chicago:

"Japanese-owned Ramen Wasabi, on the windy city's Milwaukee Avenue, has been pleasing Chicagoans with housemade ramen for more than a decade. You can't go wrong with the Original Tonkotsu – pork-bones are boiled for days to create a flavour-packed broth, which is filled with tender Berkshire pork belly, black wood ear mushrooms, spring onions and garlic oil."

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