This Is The Best Rooftop Bar In Chicago

Aerial cityscape of Chicago and Lake Michigan

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Tis' the season for a nice night spent at a rooftop bar. Be it the weather, drinks, food, view or a combination of all four; something about Summer draws locals to the best rooftop in the city. The best rooftop bar in all of Chicago is also one of the most popular in America.

According to a list compiled by Love Food, the best rooftop bar in Chicago is the J. Parker. It has a retractable roof that allows the party to carry on regardless of the weather conditions. Aside from the stellar view, J. Parker is known for the uniquely named cocktails that they craft.

Here is what Love Food had to say about the best rooftop bar in all of Chicago:

"Named after Abraham Lincoln’s bodyguard, the J. Parker lies above Hotel Lincoln and boasts weather-proof features, such as a retractable roof, for whenever the Windy City starts living up to its epithet. But regardless of what’s going on outside, the view from this rooftop is perennially lovely, capturing sights of Lincoln Park and Lake Michigan within its frame. While wine and beer drinkers can’t go far wrong here, the menu particularly swings in favour of spirits and cocktails; the latter currently inspired by figures from Greek mythology. Looking for something to soak up that liquor? Treat yourself to some truffle and parmesan fries."

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