Chicago 'Walking Man' Dies Months After Being Set On Fire

Drip infusion of a patient in a hospital room.

Photo: Getty Images

Chicago's beloved 'Walking Man,' Joseph Kromelis, was sleeping on Lower Wabash Avenue in May when 27-year-old Joseph Guardia doused him in a flammable liquid and set him on fire. According to ABC7, Kromelis has just passed away as a result of injuries sustained from the incident. It has not been determined exactly why Guardia lit the Walking Man on fire, but officials believe it to have been a calculated attack. By the time paramedics arrived on scene, Kromelis' body was already half burned. The 75-year-old was rushed to Northwestern Hospital where paramedics detailed his condition to be critical.

In June, WGN-TV noted that Kromelis was doing better and was no longer in critical condition. His health status was upgraded from critical to "serious" as of Tuesday, June 21st, and no further information regarding his condition was reported upon in the last six months.

The entire crime was captured on video and was shared in court. The court ruled Guardia's actions to be intentional. ABC7 detailed that Guardia was charged with arson and attempted murder. Joseph Kromelis was given the nickname "Walking Man" due to constantly walking around the city among other locals. His memory will live on throughout the city, and those who recall seeing him on his walks.

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