Man Cycling Across America Is Bit By 'Aggressive' Dog In Illinois

Aggressive dog shows dangerous teeth. German sheperd attack head detail.

Photo: Getty Images

Bob Barnes is a man on a mission. He is biking through all 50 states and so far, has explored 39 cities. The 52-year-old Syracuse, New York native traveled through Springfield, Illinois on May third and came into contact with an aggressive dog along his route. According to FOXNEWS, this is not the first dangerous event that Barnes has encountered on his trip. While traveling through Michigan for example, his tent caught fire! By the time he was attacked by this dog, he was well prepared to tackle the situation.

As the dog began to chase him, Barnes turned around to pepper spray the animal and missed. When he missed, the dog bit his butt from behind.

"I just kept going," Barnes shared with FOXNEWS. "I kept pedaling."

The traveler was successful in spraying the dog the second and third time that he lunged at him. Though the situation called for panic, Barnes was calm.

"I was very calm because I’ve done it a bunch of times. I wanted to make sure I didn’t crash while I was looking at him and getting ready to pepper-spray him."

Barnes was not injured by the aggressive dog. In fact, he did not even stop! The 52-year-old instead raved to FOXNEWS about the history present on Route 66 that runs through the state. Despite what happened; Barnes said that he thinks Illinois is very welcoming.

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