Mike Tyson, Ric Flair Smoke Blunts Together After Cannabis Conference

Wrestling legends Mike Tyson and Ric Flair smoked blunts together on Tuesday night following the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference downtown. According to TMZ, Tyson and Flair are partners in each others cannabis lines. "Tyson 2.0" took flight earlier this year with Flair entering as a partner. Soon, "Tyson 2.0" bought Flair's cannabis line titled, "Ric Flair Drip" in which the two continue to collaborate on.

TMZ mentioned that both Tyson and Flair "smoked multiple blunts" on stage during the conference while they detailed the potential health benefits of smoking marijuana for pain in place of harmful drugs. According to Benzinga, Flair stated that he used to be addicted to Xanax during his wrestling career, and cannabis helped end his addiction.

“I got into the industry out of luck,” Flair explained during the conference, “I’ve known Mike [Tyson] since the 1980s. Chad approached me about it, my old school way of thinking told me I didn’t want to be affiliated with cannabis, but I didn’t realize the cannabis world was taking over.”

Flair took to Twitter after the event to share a video of the pair lighting up outside of the venue.

"Smokin’ That Ric Flair Drip All Night Long With @MikeTyson! WOOOOO! @itstyson20 @adambwilks @ChadBronstein @Aloumis," the tweet read.

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