Viral Chicago TikTok Sensation 'Unrecognizable' After Extreme Weight Loss

Low section of man checking weight on scale in gym

Photo: Getty Images

Chicago native Dustin Silas Brown, otherwise known as @losetogain3 on TikTok, has inspired many through the story of his dramatic weight-loss transformation over the years. According to ABC7, Brown has lost a whopping 285 pounds since re-starting his weight loss journey in 2017 and has garnered nearly 425,000 TikTok followers along the way.

"I was always the overweight kid," Brown shared with ABC7, "I used food for comfort, for anxiety and depression as an escape." Despite Brown's unhealthy relationship with food, he promised his father who passed away in 2004 that he was going to improve his health. From 2006 to 2009 Brown lost a total of 250 pounds, but not in a healthy way.

"I used the pain of my dad's death as a motivator for that, but I did not do it in a sustainable way."

All of the weight that Brown lost within those three years was gained back. ABC7 mentioned that Brown began his health journey again in 2017, and has not looked back. Now, in 2022, he stands hundreds of pounds healthier than he was mere years ago and owes it all to his mentality and ability to forgive himself.

"Weight loss is just a math equation," Brown explained, "But mentally is the real struggle." Brown continues to inspire others who face similar challenges with a goal to bring about positive change to those in need.

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