Video Shows Chicago Woman Throw Three-Year-Old Nephew Into Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan Pier with Afternoon Sunlight in Chicago

Photo: Getty Images

A Chicago woman threw her three-year-old nephew into Lake Michigan on Monday afternoon and the entire incident was captured on a Navy Pier surveillance camera. According to WGN9, the woman that threw the toddler into the lake was his aunt. When police arrived at the scene, they were able to lift the struggling child out of the water and transport him to a nearby hospital.

WGN9 mentioned that the boy was pulled out of the water near East Grand Avenue and was transported to Laurie Children's Hospital shorty after 1:00 p.m. He arrived at the hospital in critical condition. Those who rescued the toddler stated that he was in cardiac arrest while being pulled from the water. Aerial footage taken after the boy was rescued from the water detailed a section of the sidewalk roped off while emergency crews were parked along the street.

The child's aunt is being questioned by police while she awaits charges. WGN9 noted that as of Tuesday, the boy is still listed as being in critical condition at the hospital. There has been no information released regarding the age of the child's aunt. Surveillance footage of the incident has yet to be released to the public as police continue to investigate.

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