Floating Illinois 'Stranger Things' Halloween Display Goes Viral On TikTok


Photo: Getty Images

A Plainfield family decided to get into the spirit of the season a little early this year with the creation of a Stranger Things Halloween-themed display. According to ABC7, Dave and Aubrey Appel created the display in their front yard to mimic a specific scene from the series. Crucial series character May Mayfield can be seen "floating" in the video as part of the unique display.

Dave and Aubrey posted a TikTok video of the display to share the spirit of the season with the rest of the world, and the video now has over 14 million views. In the video, you can see the life-size mannequin figure of Max Mayfield suspended in the air near the garage.

There are also figures from the popular Netflix series depicted on the garage facing the Max Mayfield replica. There is a woman walking underneath the mannequin suspended in the air to show that there is nothing around to hold it up. The mannequin can be seen from the neighbors houses, and the suspension remains a mystery to all. ABC7 noted that many have questioned what keeps the replica floating in the air, but Dave and Aubrey are not ready to reveal the secret quite yet.

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