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9 Clever Uses For Paper Towels (Besides Cleaning)

1. Cutting Board Helper

  • Put a damp paper towel under your cutting board before chopping anything. It acts as a grip for the board that may usually tend to slide around on the counter.

2. For Frozen Bread

  • Before you put a loaf of bread in the freezer.. add a paper towel inside the bag. When it comes out of the freezer to defrost, the paper towel with absorb all of the moisture to prevent soggy slices.

3. Salad Saver

  • If you're prepping salad.. add a paper towel to the bowl before wrapping it up to put in the fridge. The paper towel will absorb moisture to keep the lettuce fresh longer.

4. Cake Decorating

  • Once you've finished frosting a cake, put a paper towel over the fresh frosting (smooth side down) to get a perfect finish! (Apply light pressure to get the frosting smooth)

5. Seed Starter

  • Put seeds in between two damp paper towels then put them in a plastic bag. Seal the bag and store it in a warm area for up to a week and then BOOM. Your seeds will begin to grow.

6. Brown Sugar Saver

  • Hard brown sugar? Put a damp paper towel inside your brown sugar container.. let it sit over night, and it'll be all set for baking the next day.

7. Packaging

  • Use paper towels to wrap breakables when moving. They can replace the newspapers you were planning on using but a bonus... you can use them for cleaning when you get to the new place!

8. Science Projects

  • A few paper towels and a few cups filled with water. Now you have some easy experiments on capillary action for any young scientists.

Now for my favorite...

9. Crispy Bacon

  • Line a microwave safe dish with a few layers of paper towels. Put bacon slices on in a single layer.. top with another layer of paper towels.. cook for about a minute per slice of bacon. (No pan needed, and NO GREASY MESS!)

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