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Dear anyone trying to get motivated to be healthier,

This could be losing weight, eating better, going to the gym or just simply drinking more water. Let me first start off by saying... YOU CAN DO IT. Regardless of whether you believe it or not, a lot more people are struggling with the exact same thing you are going through... including myself.

What I am about to show you is incredibly personal and something I wasn't planning on showing anyone. But, if I inspire at least one person with this post... I know it was worth it.

A little back story on me first, I've always been an athlete... my whole life I played softball, volleyball, I even cheered. Throughout elementary school, middle, high school and college, sports were always a huge part of my life.. so I guess you could say I've always been "fit."

Enter a full time job... it's not as easy to be motivated to do anything after a 8+ hour work day... not even for the athlete deep down inside my bones. It's so easy to just go home grab something quick on the way or order takeout. But, 20+ pounds later I finally had enough. I was tired, lethargic.. didn't want to do anything but sleep and just couldn't motivate myself to do anything above or beyond my 'work.' Being 29 and the heaviest I've ever been, not fitting in my clothes or just being comfortable in my own skin. The thing I looked forward to most was going home and putting on sweatpants so I could breathe... so I decided it was time to make a change. 

My advice to you.. is to start small.

Don't try 'dieting' because we all know this is exactly what will happen. You'll diet for a week.. then get sick of it... and you'll give up. It's the cycle of dieting... and why so many don't actually work. You have to make a lifestyle change.. commit to eating better and smarter.. drink LOTS of water and have someone there to keep you accountable.

I started with a 100 oz of water a day challenge. It was fun, kind of like a game of racing to get that 100 oz in before I got in bed at night... WARNING: Get ready to run to the bathroom all day long haha. What's great about this is that you don't even realize it, but hydrating yourself and getting up to run to the restroom every 10 minutes actually makes you more active throughout the day, so those "extra steps" may seem small, but it's way more than you did before.

Next, eat healthy, smaller meals on top of drinking your water. My problem is when I am hungry... I EAT. Portion control is so hard when you're 'starving' so instead of just eating a normal meal, I'd stuff my face with as much food as fast as possible which ended up making me feel sick all the time. Learning to slow down and actually enjoy what I'm eating was tough, but now you'd be surprised at how easy it is to eat a SMALL salad and be full!. Losing weight and getting back in shape really is all about self control. The second you want those chicken nuggets and fries.. find a healthy alternative to satisfy the craving... grilled chicken and sweet potatoes... or if you're craving pizza like I do all the time.... make cauliflower crust and make a healthy version of pizza. You'd be so surprised at how easy it is to satisfy those cravings once you start seeing results.

Also, you HAVE to make time to work out. Whether it's 15 min on the treadmill, or doing a workout video you find on YouTube right in your living room. Make the time to get your blood pumping, trust me you'll feel better.

I'm not gonna sugar coat all this and tell you it's EASY... because it's not. Sometimes you'll want to cheat and you will. But, it's all about moderation. I usually eat super healthy for 6 days and have a 'cheat day.' Don't go super crazy on this day, but if you want a donut.. eat ONE donut not 5 lol.. anyway.. I'm not a health coach, a fitness professional or a dietitian. I'm a normal girl going through normal every day life struggles, and I just wanted to share this with you to hopefully motivate you.

YOU CAN DO IT. We're in this together! 

These pictures were taken 3 weeks apart. I'm down 8 pounds and feel great again. WATER, EAT SMART and GET ACTIVE. I promise, small tweaks in your day-to-day will help you achieve your goals.

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