12 Facts About Farting You May Not Know

Besides the funny sound and smell... how much do you actually know about farting? 

Thanks to jerseydemic.com we have a list of 12 farting facts that we can't help but laugh at.

  • 'Farts' original meaning of wind from the anus was coined in 1962 
  • On average a person farts 14 times a day (don't lie and say you don't)
  • Those 14 farts you put out a day is enough to fill up a balloon
  • Men fart more than women
  • Farting is nothing to be embarrassed about, it just means you're healthy! When your digestive track is in good health, you produce farts. If you're not farting... you probably need to see a doctor.
  • Hydrogen sulfide is the main makeup of a fart. Smelling farts believe it or not can actually be healthy. (although may not be very pleasant)
  • Don't freak out when your girlfriend's fart smells... they're usually stinkier than male farts because females have a higher concentration of hydrogen sulfide. Also, female farts are healthier to smell so take a big whiff next time she lets one rip.
  • Farts can actually go as fast at 10ft/second (IMPRESSIVE!!)
  • A tight sphincter will produce a louder fart since they have a smaller area to squeeze out from
  • Gum and soda are culprits that make you fart more.
  • If you think you don't fart... record yourself at night when you're sleeping. That's when most of your farting occurs.
  • Termites produce the most farts. Camels, zebras, sheep, cows, elephants, and dogs follow closely behind as animals with the most farts.
Brooke Taylor

Brooke Taylor

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