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My Sister Is Officially A Sailor!!!!

I can't believe how fast 8 weeks of boot camp went by, for ME at least! My sister, Kristin, is officially a Sailor in the United States Navy!!

When we got to the base, Kristin and two other members from her division were already standing out in the auditorium because they were the top 3 in her division. (She's the one in the middle, the one to her left was her rack mate.)

It was funny too because we saw her run to the restroom, which in the Navy they call the 'head,' so my Mom, sisters and I decided to follow her and we got a nice hug and some pictures in the bathroom!!

Then, the ceremony started.

This is her Division 105.

After the ceremony ended, we ran and pretty much jumped on Kristin. It was the BEST hug I've ever gotten from her!!! My older brother is a veteran of the United States Air Force, and the first thing he did was present my little sister with a coin. 

Then, we went to lunch with two of her best friends from boot camp and Senior Chief Cotillier.

We went back to where we all were staying and just had some laid back family time, after we stopped by the gas station of course to load up on candy for the new sailors haha.

We had to take her back to base later that night, but thankfully she's on hold right now so we got to spend the entire weekend with her and did all of the sight seeing things since my family is from Florida and had never been to Chicago

Picture below is My little brother on the top left, his girlfriend right below him, then my Mom and Dad, two sisters, me, my older brother Alan and sister-in-law Cat.

The picture below is Me, sister Kristin and middle sister Brittany.

We had such a great time this weekend and words cannot express how proud we are of our Sailor Kristin!!!! 

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