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What Kind Of Ex Are You?

Aquarius: The ex who doesn't look back

  • PHEW, thank goodness that is over because you were starting to feel a little wonky. You're indpendet and need your space.
  • After a break up you're finally booking a trip you've been talking about taking.

Pisces: The nice ex

  • You're selfess and are too nice. You trust everyone and your friends couldn't be happier about your recent split. You gave that person way TOO much and you deserve better.
  • After a breakup you'll probably start a poetry blog that will go viral.

Aries: The ex that got away

  • All of your exes miss you 100% and you're hurt about the breakup... but you're already swiping right to the next lot on Tinder.

Taurus: The chill ex

  • You're logical about everything, so if you're not spending the rest of your life with this person... you don't care.
  • After a breakup, you're going shopping. No if's ands or but's.

Gemini: The on-and-off-again ex

  • Breakups aren't really a big dieal for you.. let's be honest.. how many 'breaks' have you guys been on now?
  • After a breakup you're probably just gonna have a nice big vent sesh with your closest pals.

Cancer: The ex that blocks you on Facebook

  • Breakups hit you HARD. You're loyal and supportive so if someone messes with you, you get pretty hurt.
  • After a breakup you will block them on all social media platforms because you can't stand the sight of their face.

Leo: The Petty ex

  • You're not mad... no you don't care... not even one bit... ::eye roll:: you're pissed and can't believe that the person doesn't realize how perfect you are.
  • After a breakup you're already writing a short film about your last relationship.

Virgo: The ex that can't let go

  • You try and find a greater meaning for everything that's happened. So yeah, you'll cry your eyes out one minute and then thank the universe for saving you from that relationship.
  • After a breakup your friend try and help you feel better, but honestly you need time to just process this one your own.

Libra: The friendly ex

  • You're pretty non-confrontational so it has to get realllllly bad before your breakup. Despite being diplomatic through the whole break up though, you'll still never forgive them for wasting your time.
  • After a BAD breakup you probably signed up for law school or something really awesome. If it's just a little break up, that's nothing brunch and a good playlist can't fix.

Scorpio: The stone-cold ex

  • All of your exes are scared of you. Good luck to them if they hurt you.
  • After a breakup you're thinking of texting their bestfriend/roommate for revenge.

Sagittarius: The ex who will always secretly hope for something more

  • You're cool with the break up and will probably stay friends with your ex, but if he/she every wants to pursue a relationship again... you're always game.
  • After a breakup you probably try to set up your best friend with your ex-bae just to show that you really don't care... even though you do.

Capricorn: The glo-up ex

  • You're secretly happy to be single again. Now you can meet new people and find someone hotter/smarter/funnier. Besides, your ex was kinda dull anyway.
  • After a breakup... what breakup? You've moved on to someone else already.

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