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Brooke Taylor - "My Struggle With Adult Acne"

Not gonna lie, I've been MIA on my fashion blog and on my YouTube channel because of one reason that has completely changed my life. Adult acne.

Honestly, I've never struggled with acne. I've always had pretty clear skin with the occasional breakout, but being only 6 months away from 30... hormonal, cystic acne has hit me HARD.

I'd been struggling with breakouts for the last year and 1/2, just thinking it was because of the amount of change I've endured the last 2 years.. but, I finally decided to see a dermatologist who told me, like a lot of women.. I'm suffering from hormonal, cystic acne and it's actually more common than I thought.

I'm kind of embarrassed to show these pictures, but we're being real with each other right? I took these at the end of may, and as you can see.. the spots are never ending and are mostly on my cheeks (that's where the hormonal stuff usually pops up)

A lot people could never tell that my skin was so bad, but that's because I would cake on the makeup and really just hide it. I never knew how bad it would affect me either... I've heard stories of people never leaving their home, not going in public, cancelling on friends and so many other things just because they were embarrassed by their acne.. and I tell you what, I became one of those people. I cried all the time because I just didn't understand WHY I COULDN'T GET IT TO CLEAR UP.

So, after seeing my dermatologist and her prescribing me some topical treatments (if you're interested in a video on these, let me know)... I decided to really get help with my skin-care routine and to the rescue came my friend Ali. 

She's an esthetician who I actually met on social media... and since we've become the best of friends! She's really helped me understand and learn the ins and outs of my skin care routine and is always there for me when I have any annoying questions. She's been treating my skin with facials for the last couple of months and a lot of you have been asking about my skin care journey so I figured we'd get a little up close and personal in this raw video showing ALL of my skin imperfections. 

SO... LET'S GO GET A FACIAL with my friend Ali.

If you're in the Chicagoland area, my friend Ali is THE BEST.

See my after photos on my blog,

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