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Brooke's Look: Oversized Denim Jacket

You know when you walk into a store not really looking for anything... and then all of the sudden it's like a light is shining on one piece of clothing on the rack... you walk over to it and you're like omg.. this is cute.. and in my size.. IT'S MEANT TO BE!

That's what happened with this oversized denim jacket. I didn't really have anything in mind to be shopping for, was just tagging along with my little sister. It was a random boutique at a mall in Dallas when I went down for my football weekend getaway. (If you missed that weekend, watch my vlog from it HERE.)

Full outfit details are below:

Oversized Jacket: Boutique in Dallas mall

Floral Tank: Forever 21

High Waisted Jeans: Forever 21

Booties: Payless

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