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Brooke Taylor

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iHeartCountry Weekly Round Up

We finally got new music from Cole Swindell

He just released a new song called Break Up In The End.

Kelsea Ballerini has had one heck of a week.

Her new song Legends is officially number one!

But, she's also trying to recover from the flu. 

Also, huge congratulation to our very own Bobby Bones!

He's joining the cast of American Idol as a mentor.

There's 8 new flavors of peeps in town... will you try them?

Pancakes & Syrup sounds good for breakfast, but what about for your marshmallow-y treat?

Some of the new flavors you can find along with the pancakes & syrup are Sour watermelon, Party Cake, Sour Cherry, Cotton Candy & Fruit Punch... PLUS mystery peeps..

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